January 20, 2021

Obviously, we are big bread lovers and we hate to see a good loaf go to waste.

what can you do with leftover bread?

So we’ve put together our favourite leftover bread recipes so you can make the most of our your BReD loaf, whether it is fresh from the oven, or it’s spent a few days in your bread bin.

what can you do with leftover bread?

using country sourdough

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Panzanella, an Italia salad, is a delicious way of using day-old country sourdough bread. Unlike croutons, the soft texture of the bread soaks up excess juice of tomatoes and takes on their flavour.

Add cucumber, olives, strawberries, arugula with balsamic dressing or quality olive oil to dress, and basil leaves to finish.

using a baguette

Our favourite way to use a baguette is to make a modern version of a tuna mayo classic combo - mashed chickpeas mixed with home-made or store-bought vegan mayonnaise (we like Helman's vegan mayonnaise), wholegrain mustard, lemon juice, walnuts, chopped apple and herbs, such as dill and a little green onion. It's a new way to enjoy the classic baguette sandwich: filling and delicious.

what can you do with leftover bread?

using fruit and nut bread

Fruit and nut bread makes a good bread pudding base - with a coconut custard made using an egg replacer (such as Bob's Mill), whisked with maple syrup; layered between slices of bread in a loaf or cake tin; then baked in the oven at 375F for 40 mins till crispy.  

Another indulgent variation is with orange zest and juice and cocoa powder whisked into the coconut custard with some chocolate chips added to the layers.

Pairs excellently with Coconut Bliss vanilla ice cream.

using rye bread

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Thinly-sliced traditional 100% rye sourdough works really well with carrot lox and it is super healthy!

Carrot lox is thinly sliced carrot cooked with seaweed, soya sauce liquid smoke. The carrot ribbons replicate salmon slivers, with a sea flavour from seaweed, and a "smoked salmon" taste from adding liquid smoke. It marries well with plant-based cream cheese, such as Tofutti, and dill pickles (gherkins or cornichons) with some thin slices of pickled onions.

using leftover rye bread with vegan recipes